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New Zealan attractions can be found on many guides and travelling forums. Here we are not going to write a guide on New Zealand, but we will try to tell you what to expect from this land, highlighting the unique caratheristics that we have seen and what we have learnt from this faraway land. And we will tell you what NOT to expect.

  • Sunshine, sea, beautiful beaches: partly, mainly in the north. Personally I would not come here exclusively for the sunshine, the sea and the beaches, considering that New Zealand is in the middle of the ocean, with plenty of wind and rain also in the summer.
  • Unspoiled nature: in abundance. Rivers, lakes, mountains, vulcanoes, geothermal areas, glaciers, protected areas, grottos, trekking of many days with limited amount of people...
  • Sport and extreme activities: many of them, from bunjee jumping to paragliding, from helicopter flights on the glacier to the Jet Boat on lakes and rivers, in New Zealand you can find all that you are looking for. is expensive
  • Kiwi and other endemic animals: to see them the best way is to book a visit in one of the closed number protected areas (there are a few of them close to Wellington and a few in the gulf of Hauraki), book far ahead because the available places are limited. The night visits are also interesting in Zealandia, in Wellington, another way to try to see the kiwis that are nocturnal animals and therefore stay well hidden during the day. Also here the number of visitors is limited so you have to book ahead
  • Wine and wineries: New Zealand is starting to emerge as one of the best places for enotourism, but unfortunately I drink very little so I would not know what to say :-)
  • Maori Culture: of the characteristics of the nation.
  • Good food: I have to say that in New Zealand I ate prety well, so we would give full marks (but we almost always went to places with good reputation)
  • Night life: we did not try it, but Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown seemed pretty busy. Auckland friends I hope you do not mind... but we liked Wellington much more :-)
  • Arts and museums: not much. It was beautiful to see the Te Papa in Wellington, obviously you will not find here neither the Uffizi nor the Vatican Museum

We concentrated on the unspoiled nature... 2500 km with car and about 150 km of paths we walked up and down New Zealand, all described in the following articles.

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