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It is widely believed that Iran is a place full of Islamic fundamentalists who spend their days in mosque prayers and anti-Western demonstrations. Moreover, this nation is spoken only when there are sanctions, demonstrations against Western countries and such things. So keep in mind that we do not know Iran. We know what the media tell us about Iran.

It is similar to the destiny of my beloved Sicily, who is known throughout the world mainly as the cradle of the Mafia (even in Iran, when I said I came from Sicily, they said to me, "Sicily? Mafia!") To change your perception of my Middle Eastern friends, there is nothing better than a good journey in ancient Persia, trying to stay as close to Iranian as possible.

Our hikings in Iran has been sporadic and close to the cities we visited. However, I think is useful to provide suggestions to help the "brave" people who want to approach this land: wonderful, hospitable, amazing as a few others. You should consider at least the following aspects in organizing your trip to Iran:
  • What kind of trip we suggest
  • Choice of the period
  • Visa request
  • Choice of flight
  • Unique features of a trip to Iran
  • Downsides of the trip to Iran
  • How much you can spend on the trip
  • Phone plan/data connection
  • Hints abont ancient and modern history
  • Practical advicea and tips
  • Negotiate to buy a carpet in Iran
We have divided the articles in two sections:

Preparing to the trip What to expect from this seemingly hostile country, tips and tricks for your journey, etc
Walking paths Attractions and monuments where you have to walk a little on foot
On the map you can see all the places we walked on:


Don’t be afraid of the trip! At the moment it is a much safer place than many others for travelers! It is understood that travel accidents can occur anywhere, we assume no responsibility in case you visit Iran and something should happen to you.

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