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Etnatracking is a non-profit web site focused on helping people who want to explore on their own the highest active volcano in Europe. In this page you can find some tips to use the site to the best of its potential; we also tried to answer some questions users asked us:

How can I use the site?

Each trail is showed in a tabset, in order to give all the info to the user in a single page:

  • Description
  • Features-Point of Interest
  • Map
  • Altitude profile
  • Pictures
  • Download
In the "Download" area, registered users can download the following items:

-GPX files, compatible with Garmin GPS navigators, ViewRanger mobile app and many other devices that allow you to follow the trails
-KML file, compatible with Google navigation systems. It can be also used in Google Earth
-Pictures (only on a few trails)

You can register to the web site or login with your favourite social network in order to download the files

Subscription is free of charge and allow you to receive new tracks update or info about our excursions. You can decide not to receive our newsletter using the settings in your profile area. Be sure that we'll never send you ads or spam via e-mail

How can I use the Etnatracking - Sciara Nera mobile apps?

We published the following mobile apps:
Free Android App

Free IOS App

Free Windows App

Our free mobile apps have all the info about Mount Etna of the website, most of the content can be used with no data connection after the first access (pictures needs data connection); moreover you can reach the starting points of the routes and on a very few routes you can follow the track on the map. For further information, please download the app and follow the instructions

How can I upload the track on my Garmin GPS or in a ViewRanger mobile app?

Let's start from Garmin gps: we used to load tracks using Garmin MapSource software even if it has been replaces by BaseCamp:

  1. Download and install MapSource from the Garmin website
  2. Open GPS files with MapSource (File->Open)
  3. Connect your GPS to the computer
  4. Send the track to the GPS (Transfer->Send to device...)

The track will be uploaded on your GPS, so you will know in every moment if you are walking on the path or not.

If you don't have a Garmin gps, you can user ViewRanger mobile Apps. The import process depend on the device.

How can I use the KML files?

You can use KML files in many ways:

  1. Open them with Google Earth, to look at the path surroundings, the streets leading to the trails and the pictures uploaded by other Google users with Panoramio. You could also use the coordinates shown on Google Earth to upload your pictures
  2. Import them into compatible navigation systems, so that you can use them as a guide (like Garmin with GPX)

Why should I register to the site?

You have to register on EtnaTracking if you want to download the GPX and KML tracks and to download the pictures of the most beautiful paths. Besides, you will have subscribed to the newsletter so you will be up-to-date about the new paths on the site. You will never receive any spam or advertisements from us.

Can I send tracks to the site?

Of course, we are looking for people who wish to sent us an high quality track, with pictures and description! We will not publish a simple GPX as it is a low quality content. If you want to know how to track a trail, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before you track it! We'll explain you how to do, is very easy with ViewRanger.

If there is incorrect information on the site, can I tell you about that

Tell us as soon as possible, writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will update the site.

What do you mean by "Technical Equipment"?

First of all, trekking shoes. Even on the easiest trail it is possible to find sections covered by sharp lava rocks or slippery basalt rocks, irregular paths where it could be easy to sprain an ankle.
We suggest you wear multiple layers of light warm clothing, possibly made of waterproof materials. Typically, these are sport-specific clothes (i.e. Goretex). You should strictly avoid cotton elements, if you don't have waterproof clothes try to use wool t-shirts and sweaters. Remember also to bring a wind-breaker with you.
The best trousers are the kind you can shorten (two sections joined with a zip), so that you can use them short or long according to the temperature.
Bring a pocket torch with you if you are planning to visit a cave.

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