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A couple of years ago, Manfredi Salemme started arranging trekking escursions as an ADMO testimonial (Associazione Donatori Midollo Osseo). On 2011 he decided to walk around mount Etna, leaving from Catania harbour in order to reach the central craters. A few guys from Catania heard about this idea on facebook and helped him to plan the trekking, so that other trekkers could have the chance to join the adventure. For my pleasure, I took part to this trekking and I also tracked and described everything on the Guya Trekking 2011. Special thanks to our "team leaders":

  • Manfredi Salemme
  • Rosario Catania
  • Daniele Maccarone
  • Eleonora Giardina
  • Giuseppe Zappalà

We walked for 95 Km, up and down with almost 2800 meters ascending difference in heght and 3200 descending meters, 400 missing meters were crossed by cable way :-)

I also really want to thank the forest rangers, who were always close to us in order to ensure security and assistance. Finally, the other guys who joined us for the whole trekking:

  • Agostino
  • Moreno
  • Myla
  • Carmelo
  • Arturo

You can see tracks, pictures and description of the four sections we walked through in order to walk around Mount Etna and then to rise towards the central craters:

  • First day: Sapienza refuge - Case Paternò Castello
  • Second day: Case Paternò Castello - Mount Spagnolo refuge
  • Third day: Mount Spagnolo refuge - San Giovanni Gualberto refuge
  • Fourth day: San Giovanni Gualberto refuge - Torre del Filosofo - Sapienza refuge

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