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The section dedicated to New Zealand is intended to be a guide for your trip if you want to discover this faraway land, so different from Europe, even if it has strong European roots.

You have to plan your trip to New Zealand with time and patience. We spent more than 20 days in New Zealand and we had planned every single detail before leaving, every single night already booked. This made us feel safe but also made it impossible for us to see some attractions we really wanted to see, because of the bad weather. Here we will try to give tips to those that would like to visit this beautiful and still partly savage land. br />
When you organise your trip, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Choice of period
  • Choice of flight
  • Renting car/camper (if you do fly & drive)
  • Phone plan/data connection
  • Luggage preparation
  • Choice of things to see (you will not be able to see everything unless you stay for 40 days)
  • Choice of the type of trip

We have divided the articles on New Zealand on three sections:

Preparing to the trip What to expect from New Zealand, practical advice to rent a car, choose the data connection, and so on.
Hiking routes and nature trails 20 routes that we covered during our trip from north to south. Very short walks and legendary hiking routes as the Tongariro Crossing
Videos A few small videos of some of the most characteristic elements that we met on the trip


This time, more than ever... enjoy your New Zealand discovery!!!

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