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Iceland is a wonderful country. A cold and hostile land, where the forces of nature show themselves in all their power and majesty.

This is not a travel for everyone. Unless you have a very high budget, Iceland is a demanding place to be fully enjoyed. There is only a paved road, the famous N1 ring road going around the island, the only road to drive easy keeping faraway from the internal areas, where most of the attractions are. We spent two weeks there, a fly&drive on offroad minivan sleeping in hostels and campsites. But there are also other accommodation options.

Here we are with our tips for this wonderful place, a European country so different from Europe, probably because half of it stays on the American tecnonic plate :-)

You should consider at least the following aspects in organizing your trip to Iceland:
  • Choice of period
  • How to get there (flight or ferry)
  • Renting car/camper (if you go on fly & drive)
  • Phone plan/data connection
  • Luggage preparation
  • Choice of things to see (we think two weeks can be enough to see a big section of Iceland)
  • What kind of accommodation you can choose

We have divided the articles on Iceland in three sections:

Preparing to the trip What to expect from Iceland, practical advice to rent a car, choose the data connection, and so on.
Hiking and nature About 30 attractions/path we visited during our trip
Videos A few small videos of some of the most characteristic elements that we met on the trip
On the map you can see all the places we visited:


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