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Hverarond (literally: the hot springs of the ducks) is a geothermal site at the foot of the mountain Namafjall. The two sites are basically one, so that the geothermal valley in no time you come up with a way to the top of the mountain. Hverarond is also often indicated by the name of Námafjall. 

The area is quite interesting, full of hot water pools Hverarond geothermal area: hot water pools, boiling mud Hverarond geothermal area: boiling mud, fumarolas Hverarond geothermal area: fumarolas, sulphurous gas emission leaving sulfur for sublimation Hverarond geothermal area: leaving sulfur for sublimation in a similar way to what we saw in Vulcano, Eolian Islands.

If you want to stay just to make photos in the puddles, one hour is more than enough. If you want to walk on the path that goes through the mountain Namafjall Hverarond geothermal area: the mountain Namafjall, you'll need a little more time (in GPX track you can download we started the way, but we went back for lack of time).

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