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Short route in the heart of the Icelandic lava desert. Everything in the area is named after a strange rock in the shape of a dragon in a canyon, but we have not noticed as it was raining and we went in a hurry.

The path starts from the Dreki refuge Dreki refuge area: path starts from the Dreki refuge (the dragon refuge), goes inside the canyon Drekagil Dreki refuge area: canyon Drekagil (the canyon of the dragon) and arrive to the Drekifoss waterfall Dreki refuge area: Drekifoss waterfall, (you can guess what it means!).

Neither the location nor the waterfall impressed us, perhaps because of rain. We suggest to make the path only if you have some spare time or as a complement to the stop at the refuge.
In the surroundings there are other paths that meander towards Askja, but unfortunately we did not have time to track them.

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