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Short walk to the front side of the Flaajokull glacier, another southern tongue of the Vatnajokull. The path is longer than the other two paths we made in this area (Fjallsarlon lagoon and Hoffeljokull tongue), 4 km return trip.

It starts on a bridge next to the car park Flaajokull glacier:  bridge next to the car park, leading front of the glacier Flaajokull glacier: front of the glacier through the melting stream sediments Flaajokull glacier: melting stream sediments.

The walk is mainly on a solid ground Flaajokull glacier: solid ground, is also possible to take a shorter path on the soft mud at your own risk. At the glacier front we noticed some areas between ice and rocks Flaajokull glacier: some areas between ice and rocks, some small ice caves Flaajokull glacier: small ice caves created by melting streams, very interesting to see

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