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Short walk on the Reynisfjara beach Reynisfjara beach: Reynisfjara beach, an astonishing place (thanks to the sunny day!). Black sand is composed by volcanic ash and glacial sediments, but this is not its best feature.

On the shore there is a huge columnar basalt Reynisfjara beach: columnar basalt formation, the old lava flow created the classic Icelandic kirkjan lava cave Reynisfjara beach: kirkjan lava cave, quite similar to the ones we saw at Hljodaklettar and Dimmuborgir. Two sea stacks stands from the sea Reynisfjara beach: sea stacks stands from the sea but the best surprise is the puffins colony Reynisfjara beach: puffins colony on the shore! Puffins kept flying to the see Reynisfjara beach: flying to the see from the shore, really impressive!

The scenario is perfect for local brides Reynisfjara beach: local brides looking for a suitable photo set but also for unusual guests Reynisfjara beach: unusual guest on the basalt rocks.

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