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Please note: to get to Askja you must drive on gravel road, only reserved to 4x4 with at least two rivers to cross. There are two options:
  • Road 910 from Möðrudalur: it is 40 km longer than the other, but is in better conditions and fords are easier to cross. If you are driving a SUV and not an authentic offroad vehicle, we suggest you to use this road
  • Road F88: shorter road but with challenging river cross. Suggested only if you exactly do what you are doing
The Askja caldera is one of the most beautiful in Iceland. The caldera formation is very similar to that of the Valle del Bove of Mount Etna: the emptying of magmatic chamber caused a collapse of the surface, creating a sort of "bowl", here you can look at the caldera walls Viti crater in the Askja caldera: the caldera walls.

After the collapse of the old volcano, two eruptions created the two great tourist attractions dell'Askja: the lake Öskjuvatn Viti crater in the Askja caldera: the lake Öskjuvatn and the Viti crater Viti crater in the Askja caldera: the Viti crater.

Both of these elements can be reached by a path of about 3.5 km walk one way, almost completely flat, on a lunar landscape Viti crater in the Askja caldera: a lunar landscape. The water of the crater Viti is still hot enough to bath, so that many hikers usually swim in it.

The route is quite easy, except that it is at more than a thousand meters of altitude, so that even in August you may encounter snow and frost.

Bring towels and swimwear with you if you want to bath in the Viti crater!

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