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The Pietracannone Houses represent, according to the author of the tracked path, the maximum expression of negligence and carelessness of Mount Etna.
They were supposed to be one of the starting points for excursions on the volcano, allowing to walk towards the Citelli Refuge and then to the craters. In the past the path was signalled and taken care of by Ente Parco dell’Etna: along the way you can still see the remains of the old observation points. Today you can barely see the path and we believe that no maintenance has been done in years. The refuge has been completely devastated by vandals, considering that it is so close to the road.

However, this path deserves a visit, because it is still able to show the old way life around this area, a way of life that is today forgotten but should be recuperated, at least as a tourist resource. As we have said before, the path leads to an old “notch on the snow”, a sort of summer snow warehouse. The snow was once sold in summer in Catania and even to Malta Island. Mules were used to carry the snow to Riposto harbor, where it was delivered by the sea.
Let’s move on to the track now. In order to get to the starting point you have to pass through Zafferana Etnea, continue towards Milo and Fornazzo, and then turn left following the Rifugio Citelli signs. After about 4km, there is a right bend and on the left you can see a stone slide. You can leave the car here. Go on the right side of the big tree Case di Pietracannone: the big tree at the entrance and after a few metres you see a crossroads Case di Pietracannone: a crossroads. Go to the right walking along the path that leads Case di Pietracannone: path that leads inside a wood Case di Pietracannone: a wood. After a few metres you will see another crossroads Case di Pietracannone: another crossroads. Continue on the left and after a few metres you see a passage on the right that leads to the old “notch of the snow” Case di Pietracannone:  the old “notch of the snow”. It is a very deep hollow, abandoned for years, since many trees have been growing in the inside. Go back to the main path and continue the ascent. Go further the fence and continue following what is left of the old signs on the path Case di Pietracannone:  the old signs on the path. The last part of the path is slightly more steep, but overall it is a very easy path that will take you in front of the Paternò Castello Refuge Case di Pietracannone: Paternò Castello Refuge, once used to store timber. Now you can go back on the same path or keep walking the paths inside the “Cubanìa” pine-wood.

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