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It's a very interesting path, leaving from the homonymous grotto to reach the "Bove" valley edge and then walking down towards the Citelli refuge.

The path begins from the Serracozzo cave (that you can easily reach from the Citelli refuge, as we described in the grottos section), indicated by an arrow painted on the stones Serracozzo hiking trail: arrow painted on the stones behind the grotto's entrance. The rising path is quite demanding, on a well tracked trail surrounded by the beautiful aetnensis birches Serracozzo hiking trail: surrounded by the beautiful aetnensis birches (endemic plants on Etna!) that can survive on this area at an altitude of more than 2000 meters. After about 300 meters of difference in height, we can see the Bove valley Serracozzo hiking trail: the Bove valley.

Here, more than other places, is possible to look at the magmatic dikes Serracozzo hiking trail: magmatic dikes.

These are real lava stones, formed during the lava rise toward the craters during long time ago eruptions. When the soil wrapping the dike collapse, the wall stands alone (looking like a real wall!). As the magma cooled down slowly, you can notice the "polycrystalline" shape on the picture.

This trail allows you to walk for a while on the vally edge, towards the "Pizzi Deneri" and the south-east Etna crater Serracozzo hiking trail: south-east Etna crater. You can also look at mount "Frumento delle Concazze" Serracozzo hiking trail: mount frumento delle concazze, one of the biggest secondary craters on Etna. On the valley cliffside you can see many magma dikes Serracozzo hiking trail: magma dikes; on the ground you can also see some cold craters Serracozzo hiking trail: cold craters.

We leave this wonderful panorama descending until we cross a big amount of volcanic ash Serracozzo hiking trail: volcanic ash; follow this "path" for a while, until you'll turn right to walk on the path leading to Citelli refuge.

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