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There are no refuges at Piano Provenzana: in 2002 Mount Etna decided to destroy the two hotel in this area and they haven't been rebuilt yet. The closest places for overnight accommodatios are the refuges Ragabo, Brunek and Citelli.

Despite the lack of hotels and refuges, Piano Provenzana is still the main tourist area in the north Mount Etna both in winter and summer time. Here are the best ski slopes of mount Etna (both cross-country and alpine ski) for winter sport lovers and when the snow is over is possible to reach the central craters in the following ways:

  • "Standard" excursion", return cableway+off-road trip with a visit at 2002 craters at "Torre del Filosofo". The whole trip costs 60,5 euros, suitable for lazy guys and for those who can not or do not want to walk too much
  • Excursion leaded by mountain guides (look for "Guide Alpine" in the shop arear). You'll rise to "Punta Lucia" by off-read vehicles, the return trip we'll be done by walking. The fare is about 60 euros, the mountain guides we'll lead you the closest possible to the last erupting craters. If you can afford the expense and feel also confident for the descending path, you can really consider this solution

More logistics information: the park is not free in all the blue stripes area (from 8:00 to 17:00), here we provide the rates:

  • Whole day: 3 euros cars, 8 euros campers
  • Half day (after 14:00): 1,5 euros cars, 4 euros campers

Nearby you can do the following excursions:

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