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The dilemma of all travellers with many options:
  • Book every night in advance
  • Do not book anything and go to the adventure
  • Rent a camper and sleep wherever you want
  • Book in the city and go to the adventure elsewhere

We booked everything from Italy not knowing what to expect. Since we had not considered the Chinese New Year, our choice allowed us not to have problems during the last part of our trip. However with hindsight, this is what we suggest.

The best way to visit New Zealand is to go by camper

New Zealand is perfect for a camper holiday. Everywhere there are areas for campers, holiday parks and so on. Having a camper will allow you to spend longer in the most beautiful places, while waiting for the right day to go for a particular excursion, and so on. I know what many will say :

the camper is uncomfortable, you cannot sleep well in it, and so on.

In this case there is an alternative option:

Rent a car or a basic camper and sleep in the holiday parks or bungalows, using the dedicated areas for the rest rooms and to cook.

If you have followed our advice on when to go (no western new year, no Australian school holidays, no Chinese new year), you will almost always find a room with ease, and if you have a basic camper you can always sleep in it, while if you rent a car you can buy a tent and an inflatable mattress and bring them with you in case of emergency.

If you really do not feel that adventurous, do like we did…book everything . But then if like us you have only one chance to go to the top of the Tongariro, and like us you could end up going on a foggy day... then instead of the fantastic natural screen set where The Lords of the Rings was shot, it will feel like being in any ordinary foggy countryside, with the difference that on the Tongariro you will probably not go back.

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