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Practical advices and curiosities for travelers wishing to visit Iran
  • Bring with you an eye sleeping mask. We do not know why, but in any of the hotels we stayed in it was possible to obscure the windows (except at the IBIS hotel near the airport).
  • Bring with you a pair of flip flops for the shower. In all the hotels where we were missing the shower cubicles. The shower in Iran hotels usually hangs from the roof in the center of the bathroom, the water jet ends straight on the floor, So in all hotels you will find a pair of rubber slippers to use for the shower, I personally do not like to put other people's slippers, so my suggestion is to bring you own with you.
  • Always bring with you a pair of thick socks. Inside sanctuaries, temples and mosques you will often have to take off your shoes. Bring with you socks for not having to walk barefoot.
  • Hair dryer: although it may seem strange... We found it only in 2 hotels out of 5, so if you need it, bring it from home
  • Gifts for guides: we decided to bring small gifts for the local guides, it was really appreciatied
  • Coca-Cola: The company does not produce and does not import its products to Iran, but you will find the famous red bottles everywhere in Iran. This is because Iran has no trade agreements of any kind with other countries, so they produce their own Coca-Cola, with the tag "Original" on bottles and cans! The flavor is very similar to the original ... try it and let us know :-)
  • Souvenirs: besides carpets, we suggest you to evaluate:
    • The beautiful patchwork hand-decorated boxes
    • Hand-printed tablecloths
    • The trays made with inlays and bronze threads by craftsmen, we saw them at work at the Shiraz fortress, very nice... 50 euros negotiable should be enough
    • Miniatures on camel bones: only for fans
    • Pottery: you find it in many handicraft shops, the best places will tell you their pottery is baked at 800 degrees with natural colors while poor pottery is cooked at 300 degrees with chemical colors
    • Ornaments in silver, copper and similar: I don't really like them :-)
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