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Iran is perceived by us as a country of Islamic fundamentalists. This is transmitted by the media and ignores the most banal historical notions on this nation.

It is true that this is a Muslim country, an "Islamic Republic" indeed, so religion influences many sides of the country life. But we have to keep in mind that: Iran citizens are, first of all, Persians. Then they are also Muslims. They can also belong to other cultures always antecents to the advent of Islam (Azerbaijani, Armenian, Zoroastrian, Baluci, etc).

We assure you that there are people in Iran who do not go to mosques, people following some "commandments" or impositions 'to avoid problems with the law (as mandatory hijab) and also because "it has always been so" (A bit like people in Europe often gets married in church or baptize children more for tradition than for conviction).

Definire il popolo iraniano "arabo" sarebbe quasi un offesa, For the simple fact that they do not even speak Arabic! In Iran they speak Farsi, only 10% of Iranians are able to understand Arabic. So be careful of classifications and stereotypes, it's as if I was called "Christian" before Italian, it would be a gross mistake.

The ancient history of this people is quite complex, various empires and dynasties have occurred over the centuries leaving their marks in various cities. Is probably less known that, as it happened many times in modern history, Many of the current "problems" in Iran come from the heavy interference of us, the "perfect western civilization".

I'd like to point out that In the 1950s the legitimate Iranian government decided that they had enough to give for free their oil to the British, thus initiating the nationalization of oil resources. Our British heroes were not happy about this decision (I imagine them in their meetings at the time… "These Bedouins do not need oil… They still run with camels, it's better that we take it, as we know how to use it") and organized a coup d'etat with the support of United States (that's democracy, my friend...)

We can not know what would have happened in iran if we had not interfered, but I think there is the real possibility that Iran today would not be an "Islamic Republic".
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