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These are two giant cypress trees Dorbid Cypresses and village: two giant cypress trees near Yazd, some ten miles northeast of the city.

It seems a single tree, but close to it is possible to see that there are two distinct trees alongside Dorbid Cypresses and village: two distinct trees alongside. They are so high that on google maps you can clearle see the shadow projected on the ground, really impressive.

The small village that welcomes them is called Dorbid, a place with some old buildings Dorbid Cypresses and village: some old buildings and a ruined fortress Dorbid Cypresses and village: a ruined fortress. In the intentions of the Iranian guides, this town should be compared to Abianeh, a popular tourist site next to Kashan with its typical red houses built with wood and mud.

We enjoyed the huge cypress and the quiet atmosphere of Dorbid, but we do not feel like suggesting a tour here just for the cypress. The guide had offered us half a day tour at about € 65 each to see three things: Dorbid, Narestane Zoroastrian site and the sunset in the desert.

Remember that Narestane is a sacred site for Zoroastrians, other people cannot stay there so that we were kindly invited to leave the place. Sunset in the desert: maybe you've seen it somewhere else, so evaluate carefully if such a tour can worth the price.

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