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The ancient Achaemenid capital, in ruins but still majestic: this is reported on the (Italian) lonely planet and we think there could be no better definition.

Despite the many centuries past, plundering, fires, collapses, and destruction, this place still gives the idea of a majestic, rich and powerful civilization. I could describe in detail what we've seen, but we believe that the best way to visit the area is to have a good guide to accurately understand all the aspects of the site, someone you can ask all the questions you want and than can surprise you with a lot of details and stories about this old civilization.

You can view the photos in the dedicated gallery, we only point out the following elements:

The bas-reliefs of the warriors Persepoli archeological area: bas-reliefs of the warriors, the so-called Immortals. Immortals because when one of them died, a new warrior took his place, so that the number of warriors remained constant in the army.

The splendid sequence representative of the nations under the Achaemenid rule Persepoli archeological area: the nations under the Achaemenid rule that bring the gifts to the emperor: each nation is recognizable by a physical characteristic, from the gift it brings, or from other elements. For example, only one of the peoples is represented with arms at the belt. All other peoples were forbidden to enter the Royal Palace with their weapons, but for a specific population the sword was sacred and then they could carry it with them.

Each caravan is preceded by a Persian officer, who shows a friendly attitude: he does not pull for the forearm, but holds people for his hand, not forceing them.

The dozens of depictions in which the Lion pushes away the Bull Persepoli archeological area: the Lion pushes away the Bull. He does not attack him but pushes him away. It is the symbol of the beautiful season that sends away the winter. In fact, in this palace the ancient Nowruz was celebrated, the passage from winter to spring.

In addition to the palaces, there is a small museum (can be avoided if you see the Teheran archaeological museum) and the tomb of one of the ancient emperors, Artaxerxes II Persepoli archeological area: the tomb of one of the ancient emperors, Artaxerxes II

Tips for visiting: Persepolis is usually reached from Shiraz, public transport is not a great deal so we suggest you go with a guide that also provides transportation.

The walk is about 3km long, it takes more or less 2 hours. We strongly suggest not to do the tour during the hot season, as temperature can be very high

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