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The magnificent royal Achaemenid necropolis: the ruins of the majestic tombs of various emperors can be admired in this place.

The tour is fairly short, the ticket costs the standard 200,000 rial per person. It starts from the hilltop providing an overview Naqsh-E-Rostam Achaemenid necropolis: the hilltop providing an overview of the site. There is also a Zoroastrian cubic structure Naqsh-E-Rostam Achaemenid necropolis: a Zoroastrian cubic structure on the site, according to the guide it may have influenced the structure of Kaaba in Mecca. Actually, we do not exactly know what this structure was for. Its name is Ka'ba-ye Zartosht, For those who are interested, all the possible theories are described on Wikipedia (

In addition to the tombs Naqsh-E-Rostam Achaemenid necropolis: the tombs, there are huge bas-reliefs Naqsh-E-Rostam Achaemenid necropolis: huge bas-reliefs. On the most famous, the "Investiture of Ardashir I", the name "IRAN" was written for the first time in history to identify this area

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