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If you are not a fan of winter sports, the best time to go to New Zealand is boreal winter, between December and February. You have to consider that:
  • From mid-December to mid-January there are travellers from all over the world celebrating the new year abroad, therefore there are many people and the prices are high
  • Until the end of January there are the summer holidays for Australia and New Zealand, so there are still many people around
  • Between the 20th January and the 20th February in general there is the Chinese New Year and we can guarantee you that Chinese people, since they can reach New Zealand with a direct flight, are present in abundance.

According to this introduction, we suggest you going to New Zealand between the 20th November and the 15th December or alternatively February-March but be careful to avoid the Chinese New Year, an event based on the lunar calendar and therefore subject to change each year.

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