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The most interesting part of our trip in Iran was the opportunity to stay in the cities among local people. Foreign tourism is not as annoying as in European capitals or in other cities (in Italy, just think of Florence or Venice, totally invaded by tourists).

In Iran you can go around and observe the real local habits, not just tourists taking pictures .

So, in Iranian cities you will mainly find... Iranians. With their pic-nic mania (approaching the sunset, they put blankets on any area that can accommodate them, including flower beds in the middle of the roundabouts!!!!), theirshopping inside bazarsr, their noisy schoolchildren visiting palaces and mosques.

I do not know how many of you have visited the bazaars in Istanbul or Marrakech. I've been in Istanbul bazars and it was a very bad experience. Hundreds of annoying sellers trying to sell mainly low-quality stuff. None of this happens in Iran, where you can safely wander inside the beautiful bazaars without anyone or almost bothering you (except some carpets sellers), you'll walk quietly in the evening and see the artisans at work . Wandering around Isfahan's bridges watching the elderly singing is gorgeous. Walking inside the gardens of Shiraz looking at Young people who shyly try to circumvent gender segregation made me think about the desire for normality of these people .

A good local Iranian guide, will tell you about Iranian customs and traditions Based on your questions so that you'll have the chance to know even more local culture. We asked our guide to arrange some hiking and he arranged a half day together with a group of local hikers, a wonderful experience singing, eating and staying together , one of the most beautiful experiences of the entire trip.
  • Yazd is a true gem in the desert , determined to survive in a hostile environment thanks to the dense canals network excavated to bring the water of the mountains distant 30/40 km! We suggest to dine at the Marco Polo restaurant, an incredible view over the old city roofs. Don't miss the Tower of Silence, an amazing place that really impressed me.
  • Persepolis is a unique attraction, it worth visiting it with a guide to fully understand the beauty and richness of the site, in ruins but still full of history.
  • The mosques and palaces of the various dynasties are beautiful , but around the world we have seen something similar or even more interesting. The most beautiful are definitely those of Isfahan .
Negative rating for Tehran: too chaotic, too busy, a lot of time wasted in the traffic jam. The best solution would be to visit it on a Friday , when traffic should be significantly lower
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