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The Iranian visa requirement has been simplified recently. There are several ways to requst visa, here we describe three different request processes. For each of them, you need at least two mandatory elements:
  • Passport with at least 9 months of validity on the return date from Iran
  • Travel insurance
The cost is 51.5 euros for normal procedure, 76 euros for last minute request.

  • Do everything yourself : suggested ONLY if you are living close to an Iranian embassy or consulate. Go to the web site and follow the step-by-step instructions. We suggest to make the request at least 4 months before the departure date, we had been asked for a sort of live interview at the consulate two months after we submitted the module on the web site. It seemed a formality to us, we showed the flight ticket anb left the insurance to them. Consulate operators kept our passport for one more week, we paid 51.5 euros and than we came back to the consulate to get back our passport with the visa!
  • Ask to an Iranian travel agency to request the visa for you. Iranian agencies usually ask you about 30 euros to make the request. Approval by Iranian authorities is usually very fast in this case, then you will still have to go to the Iranian consulate / embassy with the printing of the approved request and the travel insurance. At the embassy/consulate you leave your passports for about aweek, pay the 51/76 euros (besides the 30 euros you pay to travel agency) and then you can get back the passport with visa on it. In case you don't leave next to an Iranian embassy/consulate, you should be able to get the visa directly at the airport. The Iranian travel agency will give you all the info about the process. In this case you just need to ask about 3 weeks before , Unless there are office closing closures as at the time of Nowruz
  • Ask to a travel agency of your country to request the visa for you: In this case costs and procedures depend on the single travel agency

These are the main tourist visas request processes. There are also other visa types, including the transit visa, the working visa... These are special requirements on which we have not made any further inquiries.
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