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How much does it cost to travel to Iran??

It clearly depends on the type of trip, the season, etc. To see the main cities as we did, consider the following scheme:
  • Flight: between 250 and 500 euros per person
  • Accommodation: a decent double room costs between 50 and 100 euros per night. If you are able to find alternative accommodation, you can save many money (we met a tourist who told us that he was hosted by a family, but we did not ask to him more details about it). Hostels and shared bathroom accommodation are very cheap
  • Meals: consider 5/10 euros per person per meal
  • Entrance fee in tourist attractions: Most attractions cost 200k Rial per person, about 5 euros. Consider on average 4/5 places to visit per day, so another 20/25 euros per person per day for visit attractions.
  • Internal journeys: For the long journeys between the cities there are quite comfortable buses. Our longest trip, between Yazd and Shiraz, cost less then 10 euros per person. Sometimes public transport can be not so easy tu use: Going from Shiraz to Persepolis is easy (a private or public taxi at the station can be found without any problems at reasonable costs), but is very difficult on the return trip. We read about travelers going from Persepolis to Marvdasht in some way and from here to Shiraz via taxi, but is a very long process that can be done only if you have a lot of time and you must save money. Otherwise our advice is to go with a local guide for visits like the one to Persepolis. It is more expensive, but time is money sometimes.
  • Internal flights: We did an internal flight from Shiraz to Tehran, Very affordable price, about 70 euros per person. Clearly the flight was booked our local guide. Night trains and buses also cover those long distance, they are cheaper way to move but very tiring and time consuming.
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