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Gullfoss (golden falls), are about 100 km from Reykjavík. It seems the name comes from glacial sediments in the water creating golden highlights. To be honest, we were in sunlights, we saw many many rainbows but nothing about golden hues in the water.
The fall itself is not so high (2 jumps for 32 meter). Nevertheless Gullfoss is impressive due to its shape and width.

Entrance to the fall is free. Most of the path is on wooden footwalks Gullfoss: wooden footwalks. There are two scenic paths: first one is downstairs, here is possible to see both water jumps Gullfoss: both water jumps and rainbows in the sunlight. From here the walk proceed to more scenic veiwpoint Gullfoss: scenic veiwpoint, getting the visitor close to bothfirst jump Gullfoss: first jump and second jump Gullfoss: second jump. It is possible to come back to walk on the upper part of the path in order to see the Hvítá river Gullfoss: Hvítá river just before water goes in the falls and finally get a panoramic view of Gullfoss Gullfoss: panoramic view of Gullfoss.

Is possible to visit Gullfoss and the other attraction by car or with daily tours from Reykjavík.

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