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It is a wide area at the south/east of Siena, including some of the most beautiful Tuscan landscapes. The name "Creta" means Clay: these hills are really made of argil, so it is not advisable to walk on its trail after a rainy day. Our tour starts from the Asciano village. To find the starting points Crete Senesi: starting points, walk on "Via Belvedere", a street that goes behind the soccer field and rise toward this viewpoint.

The first part of the trail descends towards a big lawn, where some nice pigs are grazing freely Crete Senesi: grazing freely. Go on until you pass under a railway bridge Crete Senesi: railway bridge, here you are officially inside the "Crete" Crete Senesi: the crete. Soft hills are all around us, there are some houses/farms now and there Crete Senesi: some houses/farms now and there. Every hill seems different from the others; here we walk between an orange and a yellow hill Crete Senesi: an orange and a yellow hill, the landscape is very nice Crete Senesi: landscape is very nice. IT would be interesting to walk here in many season in order to see different colors.

After 4 km we bend sharply to start the return trip Crete Senesi: the return trip, now and then a lonely tree Crete Senesi: a lonely tree appears in the landscape, it really seems to be in a paint of a Tuscan artist, until we come back to Asciano Crete Senesi: come back to Asciano. Overall, we walked for about 9 km with a low difference in height (150 meters). Find more info at

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