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The path starts from Marilleva 1400 Marilleva 1400 - Caprioli lake: starts from Marilleva 1400, along the path number 202, on a section of the Marilleva Nordic Walk tour and also on the fitness trail Marilleva 1400 - Caprioli lake: the fitness trail. Cross the bridge on the "Rio Lares Marilleva 1400 - Caprioli lake: Rio Lares" and keep walking inside this nice wood Marilleva 1400 - Caprioli lake: this nice wood until you find indication to the Fazzon Lake (aka "Caprioli" lake). The path reaches its highest point next to another torrent Marilleva 1400 - Caprioli lake: another torrent, after 2,5 km walk and about 300 meters elevation gain; from now on the trail will be a long descent towards the lake. Along the trail there are several junctions leading to the shelter Orti and even towards the path of the 5 lakes (on a quite challenging path). We continue our peaceful walk through the Malga Alta Marilleva 1400 - Caprioli lake: Malga Alta, where you can eat something and also buy their products (cheese and more). After the Malga Alta, we enter into a forest where there are several educational boards (follow indication to the trail 203). Very interesting is the presence of a stone water channel Marilleva 1400 - Caprioli lake: stone water channel perfectly working: the panel explains that it was a technique to irrigate and fertilize the land downstream (the dung was transported by the water). At the end of the educational trail we are close to the lake Marilleva 1400 - Caprioli lake: close to the lake, where we arrive after a total distance of 5,3 km with an elevation gain of 300 meters. The lake is quite crowded, the clearing of the refuge is accessible by car and this makes it suitable for families looking for a quiet walk around the lake. We return to Marilleva 1400 by the same road, so we’ll face other 5,3 km and 300 meters of elevation gain.

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