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Segesta is one of the main archaeological sites in western Sicily. His masterpiece is undoubtedly the magnificent temple. The sea view roman theater is also in good condition, once able to accommodate up to 4000 people.

There are many websites that describe in detail the history of Segesta; here we prefer to focus on our tips for visiting the area.

Car park: there is a big free perking area available. It could be possible to find there some peaceful wild dog, so be careful if you are scared of them.
Ticket: the weak point. Fare is 6 euros, 3 euros reduced price. Under 18 and over 65 can enter for free. At the ticket office there were'n available maps or guides, we were forced to buy a silly map at the souvenir shop, this is unacceptable. Next to Porta di Valle there is a bus that you can take to get the Agorà, but no one give you any advice about this. The employee in the ticket office was bored, people chatted in listless gatehouse, other employees were talking listless... the worse image of Sicily.
Walkway: it is possible to use to bus to get the Agorà, on the upper side of the area. We did all the path on foot, browsing through the ruines: 
  • Porta di valle Segesta archaeological area: Porta di valle
  • Ancient houses Segesta archaeological area: Insediamenti rupestri
  • Agorà Segesta archaeological area: Agorà and Buleuterio Segesta archaeological area: Buleuterio
  • The medieval church Segesta archaeological area: The medieval church
  • The castle Segesta archaeological area: The castle
  • The perfect theater Segesta archaeological area: The perfect theater
  • Back to entrance area and ascent to the temple Segesta archaeological area: ascent to the temple
  • Temple visit Segesta archaeological area: Temple visit
  • Back to car park area, end of the visit.

Along the way is possible to admire beautiful landscapes Segesta archaeological area: beautiful landscapes looking at the magnificent temple Segesta archaeological area: magnificent temple.

If you want to walk through all the path, you'll face a 5km length path with 200 meters difference in height path. Using the bus you can save most of the effort.

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