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The "Catafurco" falls are located in the municipality of Galati Mamertino (province of Messina), close to San Basilio village, inside the Nebrodi nature park.

They can be reached only by car, the trail is about 1,5 hours from Messina, 2 hours from Palermo and 2,5 hours from Catania. It's more than 30 meters high, the water falls inside a narrow canyon which amplifies the roar of the water.

Yuo could park your car at 200 meters from the waterfalls, but we really suggest you to stop at this point Catafurco waterfalls: this point and than walking on the dirty road for the following reasons:

From now on, you'll hear the water noise

There are some observation point Catafurco waterfalls: observation point on the trail giving information about the environment

You could meet some 4-legged friends Catafurco waterfalls: some 4-legged friends

The landscape Catafurco waterfalls: landscape deserves some pictures

There's a picnic area close to the waterfalls Catafurco waterfalls: the waterfalls and also some niches in the rock, completely covered by the moss; someone put a statue of the Madonna Catafurco waterfalls: statue of the Madonna inside those rocks The whole path lengh is 5km, with 100 meters uphill difference in height.

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