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Resegone mount peak can be reached in many ways, here we describe a circular route which should be the easiest one starting from the "Piani di Erna", in the Lecco side of the mountain.

Leave the car in the cableway parking area (2 euros per day) ad buy a cableway return ticket (10 euros). Get off the cablecar, you can go right on the street or cut through the meadow Resegone summit track: through the meadow in front of the bar, in both way you'll get to this crossroad Resegone summit track: this crossroad. We decide to rise from the Lecco side, a 4km rising path with a few rocky sections where you must be careful.

Follow the signs for the trail n°5, inside the wood Resegone summit track: inside the wood. Go left in the trail n°1 once you reach the fork Resegone summit track: trail n°1 once you reach the fork. From now on, the trail becomes progressively rockier Resegone summit track: becomes progressively rockier. The landscape is really nice, both for the lake Resegone summit track: for the lake and the mountains Resegone summit track: the mountains. Just after this small spring Resegone summit track: this small spring, the rocks become a bit challenging Resegone summit track: become a bit challenging, we must use hands to keep rising the path. The trail is narrow and also a bit busy Resegone summit track: is narrow and also a bit busy, the last part seems more a climb than a walk Resegone summit track: more a climb than a walk, you must be in good physical condition to afford the path. We are now approaching the Azzoni refuge Resegone summit track: the Azzoni refuge, in a couple of minutes we'll reach the top, a bit crowded indeed Resegone summit track: a bit crowded indeed, from here we can see the landscape but the day became foggy to clearly see the lakes Resegone summit track: became foggy to clearly see the lakes.

You could go back from the same path, but if you prefer a safer path we suggest you to walk down on the trails n°17 and n°7, on the other side of the mountain Resegone summit track: the other side of the mountain. Follow the signs just outside the refuge, initially on the rubble and then inside the wood Resegone summit track: inside the wood, the landscape is less impressive Resegone summit track: landscape is less impressive than the previous one but the walk is really easy. You'll find the path n°7 crossroad, go left and just follow the signs in order to reach the starting point.

This return trip is a bit longer than the other (6km vs 4km), if you really don't want to take any risk you could decide to rise from this side, although the panorama il less impressive. We walked for a total of 10km with a difference in altitude of about 700 meters uphill (circular route).
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