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You can find it in Ragalna territory, at a few kms from the centre of the town on Etna. This grotto is not going to arouse particular emotions in the visitors, but it represents one of the biggest canals of lava flow on Etna, with a height above 13 metres Grotta Catanese, Mount Etna:  a height above 13 metres (higher than a four storey building) and more than 10 metres wide. Given its proximity to the road, inside you can find some rubbish that surely does not date back to the preistoric eruption that originated it. Next to the imposing grotto there is another one, a bit smaller, that contains a few big "rolls" on the side Grotta Catanese, Mount Etna: stone rolls on the side (detachments of overlying layers due to the heat of the magma). The name of the cave seems to be due to a legend about a woman from Etna killed by bandits inside the cave

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