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The "Marmore Waterfalls": one of the tallest in Europe, 165 meters high and 5 easy trails to visit them at their best. It's a man-made waterfall, created by the ancient Romans who diverted the Velino river towards the Nera river, you can find more details on Wikipedia. All the information about opening time, tickets and guided tours on the official web site Here we'll just give you some advice to enjoy your visit according to our experience.

  • Trail n° 1 Marmore waterfalls: Trail n° 1: its a simple stairway Marmore waterfalls: simple stairway, starting from the bottom to reach the top of the falls. The difference in height is fair, you'll find a tunnel at midway that allow people to go closer to the water. Once you get to the top Marmore waterfalls: to the top you'll see the water jumping; there is also a bus to bring people from the bottom to the top and viceversa
  • Trails n° 2 - 3 Marmore waterfalls: Trails n° 2 - 3: two very short trails, both close to the water Marmore waterfalls: the water on the second and third jumps Marmore waterfalls: the second and third jumps of the waterfalls.
  • Trail n° 4 Marmore waterfalls: Trail n° 4: the best place for your wide shots, the only point allowing you to see all the three water jumps. We loose time at the trail 5 so we found the water almost closed Marmore waterfalls: almost closed
  • Trail n° 5 Marmore waterfalls: Trail n° 5: for civil engineering lovers, this is a walk among an old hydroelectric power station, with also a nice Nerina valley panorama Marmore waterfalls: Nerina valley panorama

Advice: bring a k-way with you; check the opening/closing time of the water in order to plan your visit. On saturday and sunday morning, you have just 3 hours to visit the waterfalls (unless you stay also in the afternoon), we suggest you to go as follow:

  • Get there 20 minutes before water opening
  • Watch the opening from the trail n° 4
  • Walk on the trails 2-3 at the bottom of the waterfalls
  • Rise to the top walking on the trail n° 1
  • Choose wether to walk on the trail n° 5 (in my view, it does not worth it)
  • Go back to the bottom (by walk or by bus)

Check the official web site for guided tours and also for night openings!

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