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It's the trail n° 47, belonging to the CAI "Valdarno superiore" section, a nice ring walk inside the Tuscan hills (Arezzo), among vineyards, olive grooves, medieval villages and castles.

We start walking at the San Martino village Alta val d Ambra: San Martino village, very close to the first sign Alta val d Ambra: the first sign on the trail. It's a ring walk, we could go in both direction: we decide to go left, towards Montebenichi village. The path is on a comfortable dirt road Alta val d Ambra: dirt road, in the background there are the snowy Appennini mounts Alta val d Ambra: snowy Appennini mounts. Thera are so many indication Alta val d Ambra: indication on the path that is not possible to get lost.

We already look at Montebenichi Alta val d Ambra: Montebenichi, our next step inside a typical Tuscan panorama, among vineyards, olive grooves Alta val d Ambra: among vineyards, olive grooves, farmhouses and cypresses Alta val d Ambra: farmhouses and cypresses; we also cross a few almost dry torrent Alta val d Ambra: dry torrent. On the path there is the small Saint Francesco church Alta val d Ambra: Saint Francesco church, perfectly set in the panorama Alta val d Ambra: set in the panorama; after 7km, (400 meters height difference), we reach Montebenichi village Alta val d Ambra: Montebenichi village, where we decide to stay for lunch. It's a very nice village Alta val d Ambra: very nice village, totally built with stones Alta val d Ambra: built with stones, there also are a hotel and a restaurant if you are looking for a longer break.

We restart after lunch, after 6 km walking in the Tuscan countryside Alta val d Ambra: Tuscan countryside we get the small Cennina graveyard Alta val d Ambra: Cennina graveyard. The village Alta val d Ambra: The village seems similar to Montebenichi, but indeed is unkempt Alta val d Ambra: unkempt and with no services Alta val d Ambra: with no services for tourists. We leave Cennina to go inside the only uneven section on the trail Alta val d Ambra: uneven section on the trail, then we pass close to an old mill Alta val d Ambra: old mill now used as holiday house and also close to a nice vineyard Alta val d Ambra: a nice vineyard just before we reach Duddena Alta val d Ambra: reach Duddena, a nice village Alta val d Ambra: nice village suitable for a break before the last section of the trail that will bring us back to San Martino Alta val d Ambra: San Martino village.

We walked for about 20 km, rising for 800 meters. We broke the path in two sections, San Martino-Montebenichi (7km) and Montebenichi-San Martino (12 km); probably it would be better to leave from Duddena and have a break for lunch at Montebenichi or viceversa, so that you can divide the path in two almost equal sections and also have a break in a village that can offer to you some places to stay in (restaurants, bar...)

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