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Is is a short path (trail no° 209) leading from "Passo Paradiso" to the "Capanna Presena" refuge, 2750 meters asl.

The tour starts at cableway of the "Passo del Tonale" in order to reach Passo Paradiso, at 2775 meters asl. There is a monument and a little exhibit about the first world war: here there was the forehead between Italian and Austrian armies, a grueling trench warfare at 3000 meter above sea level. Here, thousands of soldeirs died due to the cold and avalanches, many more than soldiers killed by weapons.

The path rises close to a nice lake, the panorama is impressive as we get to the Capanna Presena refuge. It's a bit sad to look at the small glacier covered with a plastic sheet, in order to avoid its melting. 15 years ago, here was still possible to ski even on summer, now the glacier must be covered during the hottest months of the year. From here it could be possible to climb the glacier, heading to the "Passo del Maroccaro", but you must be well equipped to walk on a mixed ground made of ice and stones

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