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The Vendicari nature reserve is located south of Syracuse, between Noto and Pachino villages. Is one of the best place in Sicily for bird-watching fans, but there's also more to see. Inside the reserve you can find:

  • Wonderful beaches (the best is "Calamosche")
  • Byzantine catacombs of the fifth century AD
  • An old "Tonnara" and a Norman tower
  • Archaeological excavations of the ancient Greek city of Eloro

There are 4 entrances to the nature reserve, choose the one that better fit your needs according to your interests:

  • Main entrance (not free, tickets 3 euros each): for bird-watching fans, the old "tonnara" and the Vendicari beach
  • Entrance "Calamosche": for the beach
  • Entrance "Eloro": for the archaeological excavations and the beach
  • Entrance "Cittadella": for bird-watching fans, Byzantine catacombs and the beach

Path description - Main entrance

During spring season, this entrance is opened from 7am to 7pm. Leave the car in the parking (fee: from 10am to 4pm, cars and motorbike 3 euros, caravan 6 euros) and enter the reserve Vendircari nature reserve: enter the reserve.

You'll walk on a wooden walkways; there are a few bird-watching points Vendircari nature reserve: bird-watching points. We get to the beach Vendircari nature reserve: the beach and keep walking on the left towards the old "tonnara" Vendircari nature reserve: the old tonnara (an old building on the shore used for tuna fishing). During the path, we spot some flamingos Vendircari nature reserve: some flamingos and then cross the fork Vendircari nature reserve: the fork leading to Calamosche beach and to the Eloro. We just walked a bit around the "tonnara" Vendircari nature reserve: the tonnara, the old fishermans housers Vendircari nature reserve: old fishermans housers and the norman tower before we come back Vendircari nature reserve: come back, toward the old church and the Byzantine catacombs Vendircari nature reserve: the old church and the Byzantine catacombs.

We take some pictures of the birds Vendircari nature reserve: some pictures of the birds from the observation points Vendircari nature reserve: observation points but we have to stop in front of the point where the sea is linked to one of the bogs Vendircari nature reserve: point where the sea is linked to one of the bogs: is not possible to go further, so we did not reach the catacombs. Next time, we'll enter from the Cittadella entrance.

Overall, we walked for about 7 km.

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