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Description Note: on Mount Etna, everything has a very fast lifecycle, even caves. Everything is born, lives and dies at speed not known to standard ecosystems. The Ice Cave makes no exception to this rule. We recognized less ice during our latest hikes, probably due to air flow generated by holes in the ceiling.
The hike to the cave is impressive, but we want to make hikers aware of the current situation of the cave.
It is one of the most challenging hikes on mount Etna slopes, but at the same time it is one of the most impressive. First part of the trails goes through woods of beech, oak, birch and chestnut, before a long ascent among a field of cold "rope shaped lava". Finally, the cave will welcome us after more than 10km walking.
Total distance walking 21 km
Elevation gain 550 m
Starting point Zafferana Etnea
Ending point Zafferana Etnea
Starting time 7:00
Ending time 18:00
Lunch Packed lunch
Minimum number of participants 5
Suggested minimum age 14
Rate per person -From 5 to 8 participants: € 50,00 each.
-More than 8 participants: contact us
Reduced rates 15 € less for under 18
Notes: all fees are inclusive of dues, insurance coverage, guide and lunch. During the excursions, depending on weather conditions, volcanic activity and group conditions it could be possible to change the itinerary.


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