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The waterfalls of the Campanaro river are along the road between the two towns of Sersale and Zagarise, inside the Mount Sila national park Campanaro river waterfalls: Mount Sila national park.

Leave the car on the edge of the street (there aren't many parking spaces) and enter the path inside the wood. It's a very short trail, there is a picnic area Campanaro river waterfalls: picnic area and after a few meters we quicly reach the torrent Campanaro river waterfalls: the torrent. Here we find out that there's a three euros admission fee! We hope the money is used to keep the place clean and accessible.

The waterfall is at the end of a stairway beyond the ticket office, a 20 meter jump Campanaro river waterfalls: a 20 meter jump inside a nice wood. We walked just for a few hundreds meters with a 70 meters uphill difference in height.

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