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This is the easiest way to get on the Grigna starting from the "Vò di Moncodeno" , just beyond the refuge Cainallo. About 6 km and 1000 meters of ascent, you'll see the Como Lake only at the top, but for those who do not want to take any risk it's the best way to climb to the summit.

Leave the car in the square that lies beyond the refuge Cainallo and walk on easy path La Grigna - Ganda route: easy path until junction leading to the shelter Bietti. Let's go left and keep walking on the trail 25 leading to refuge Bogani La Grigna - Ganda route: refuge Bogani, reached after less than 3km walk amd about 400 meters difference in height on quite simple, partially in the woods La Grigna - Ganda route: in the woods.

After the refuge the slope begins to rise and the trees thin out La Grigna - Ganda route: the slope begins to rise and the trees thin out, the ground is almost all on the gravel, it is not easy to walk on it. We pass a Madonna La Grigna - Ganda route: a Madonna and continue on the path, following both the colored markings on the rocks and the poles to be followed in case of snow. We arrive at the junction with the trail 24 that leads from the ridge Piancaformia and keep walking without much difficulty, the main problem is the gravel we walk on La Grigna - Ganda route: is the gravel we walk on but there are the chains helping us on some sections.

At the top the refuge Brioschi La Grigna - Ganda route: refuge Brioschi welcomes us, 2410 meters high, unfortunately in the mist; with the sun, the view would look like this La Grigna - Ganda route: would look like this

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