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We went around on a couple of paths, also looking on Etna's Park official web site. Due to the hot season, we avoided demanding trails, focusing on two easy paths.
The first trail was Monte Nero degli Zappini (Black Pine Trees Mount). We also found, among nature and old lava flows an unpleasant surprise. Following the indications we read on the park web site, we arrived in front of the 2002 lava flow which cut the path in two so that it is impossible to to go beyond the observation point 6.
We had to go back and it took us a while to find an alternative path, which indeed exists but is not indicated not even on the Etna's Park web site!

2002 lava flow cutting the trail in two
A few days after, we went tracking Monti Sartorius path. Here we found a very well tracked path, with a lot of painted signs indicating the trail, easy to walk on. We also went trough a detour from "official" trail toward Monte Baracca, and we found a nice surprice: the wood was full of wonderful pine trees, and one of them was so big the we had joined two pictures to show it on the site!
You'll find all the information and pictures regarding this path on the section "Etna Trails".

Enjoy Etna!
Sartorius Mounts

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