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Mount Etna's peak at the end of April

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5 Anni 7 Mesi fa #44 da

We have the information that the top of the etna is closed for hikers. Is this information correct?
We are thinking to come end of April. Otherwise is there a possibility to walk to the top with a guide? What is the cost? We are 2 persons and we can join a group to reduce the price.

Many thanks,


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5 Anni 7 Mesi fa #45 da Etnatracker
Hi Kurt,

your information is correct. Touristic ascent is officially allowed until 2920 or 2990 meters above sea level.

Alpine guide can bring you closer to the craters, but this is a rule break. The ticket should be about 50 Euros.

You can find all the details on this page:


Besides, we propose some free or guided excursion on this page:


At the end of April there will probably be still snow above Mount Etna, so the ascent is even more complicated.

Feel free to contact me for further information


“Tutto ciò che la natura ha di grande, tutto ciò che ha di piacevole, tutto ciò che ha di terribile si può paragonare all' Etna; e l'Etna non si può paragonare a nulla”.
Dominique Vivand Denon, “Voyage en Sicile”

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