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Here we are again. After the big disappointment of the Pietracannone houses, we are going to show you an itinerary that represents its natural continuation: the Cubanìa pine wood.
This area, until a few years ago, was still a private property used to pick wood and pine resin. The rock walls, the systems to re-direct the raining water, the broadness of the street (which can be traversed with bikes), they all reveal that the area was being maintained by privates. We hope that the integrity of the path will be maintained in the future years.

Bove Valley panorama

The path has an interesting but demanding variation to go to an ancient unactive crater: Rinatu mount. On the outside it looks like an arid red mount, but on the inside it hosts a wood that is visible only when you reach the top of the crater. At the end of the path, if you are not too tired, you can try to go visit the Sartorious mounts or the Serracozzo Grotto

If, instead, you would rather go for a dive into the sea…we have a fantastic place to show you, even if it is a bit far from Etna: the Cinque Terre (the Five Lands), in Liguria.
These are 5 fantastic little villages, connected among them by every sort of paths. We have tracked the easiest one, which is 10km long and has a 600m different in height.
Have fun on Mount Etna!

Cinque terre - Five Lands panoarama - Liguria

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