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...from "Calanna Valley" to Wales!

We took another detour from our "Etnean knowledge sharing mission". As we had the chance to visit a bit some interesting areas in Wales, we decided to publish an easy, interesting path inside the "Waterfall Country" in Wales. We spent a few hours into the Beacon Brecons National park, surrounded by rivers end waterfalls that definetely deserve a trip.

Sgwd yr Eira, waterfall country, Wales

This doesn't mean we forgot about Etna! We finally found out the time to describe and publish a trail we walked on with some friends at the beginning of the year: Calanna valley . Until 1991, the valley was green and used for etnean fruit coltivations. In that year, the eruption that covered the Bove valley reached this place, destroyng everything with a lava flow larger than 2 km. Italian Army tried to stop the lava flow, also building a wall whose ruins are still visible close to mount Calanna, but the lava flow went over the wall. Once again, the volcano won, deciding to stop a few meters before the town of Zafferana.
Now, is possibile to walk easily above cold lava flow, staring in front of nature power.

Rainbow at Calanna valley
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