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"Acqua Rocca degli Zappini" is a special path, for sure. It's the first trail I walked through on 2003 and is also the place where I "falled in love" with the mountain, sleeping on my own close to the big beech tree.

But it seems to be a special path also for our website users. Two of them sent me some extraordinary pictures, taken in autumn (the season of the wonderful colors) and also in winter (definitely, the season of surprises). I decided to create the following picture gallery, using the most beautiful pictures taken by me taken by me and by the users. Here you can see this incredible gallery:


Some pictures are really beautiful, it seems the path decided to award people walking on it in winter, showing at its best: the splendid fox and the crystal ice can be seen just for luck or due to certain weather conditions, but all the rest is always there, available to everyone. Autumn colors leave us breathless, as well as Valle del Bove panorama do in every season. And what about the big beech tree and the basalt rock? It's incredible, but you can find all of this on a really affordable: just 1,7 km to walk through, with a 300 meters difference in height.

Have a nice journey on it!

Etnatracking team

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