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On the mount Etna slopes there is a very special nature reserve. We could say it's more a private than a public reserve: it is one of the most interesting area of the Simeto River, wonderful canyons carved in the basalt rocks by the river.

The Lavic Ravins, close to the "Saraceno" bridge, should be inside the Nature Reserve Regional Plan, but it has always be just a plan. As we showed on the path, it is possible to walk just along a few hundred meters of the river banks, all the rest is fenced and inaccessible.


Here the water is precious, used to grow vegetables, fruits and so on. This is one of the few areas in Sicily with good agricultural production, probably the real challenge should be the preservation of both economic and environmental aspects, but so far it seems that the environment is not considered at all.

Even worse is the situation at the canyon "La Cantera": this is the most interesting area of the Simeto river and it is not even included in the plan for future nature reserve regional institution, you must walk on private areas in order to reach the canyon.

In the end, Simeto river can sleep soundly: it is more protected than a natural reserve, we could say it is... reserved :-(

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