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In order to see the most beautiful things, on Etna as on any other place, you must work hard. There's no shortcut: if you want to visit the Ice Cave, if you want to see a magma flow at the sunset, if you want to go inside the Bove Valley, you must walk for many hours to find what you are looking for.
By the way, sometimes Etna gives a chance to people who can't walk for hours and wants to enjoy nature as well.. In this case, we point out two elements on Etna definitely affordable by everyone, as them are quite easy to reach: a cave and a secular tree.

Ladroni's cave entrance

On the road leading from Fornazzo to Citelli refuge you can find a sign indicating the presence of the "Thieves Cave". The entrance is just a few meters far away from the road. It was once used as snow container, so the it is possible to go inside using some steps digges on lava rock.
The second place we point out is the biggest pine tree currently living on Etna: the "Zappinazzu". The tree is quite close to the road and is indicated by a sign.
Both the cave and the secular tree are inside two enormous woods. If you want, you can go for a walk, and who knows if next time you could afford something more challenging... on Etnatracking you can choose among a lot of trails!

A resin drop on the Zappinazzu

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