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Finally! As spring arrived, the web site has been updated with a new track!

In the "Trails" section it has been added the Monte Zoccolaro path. It is a track we carried out during winter season, but due to lack of time (for all of us, the web site is a hobby we do during our spare time...) we put it on the web site a few months later.

As good season arrived, we hope we can increase our visits on Mount Etna, trying to make the Mountain (for Etnean people, Etna is simply "the Mountain"!) available to everyone loves nature.

We'd like to thank those ones who registered themselves on the web site. We hope the group will grow up and that people could start helping us tracking new path, even just telling us about new trails to track.

In these days we'll try to go to "La Grotta del Gelo", the most famous cave on Etna... keep visiting the site or register to be up-to-date with the new tracks!

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