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Autumn is perfect to enjoy hiking on mount Etna trails. Above 2000 meters height is probably a bit cold, but between 1000 and 200 meters above sea level the temperature is still warm and the colors of nature preparing for winter can be astonishing. Many trees become red, yellow or even of different colours: this is the foliage experience. In this period, many online newspapers publish articles referring the most beautiful places to enjoy foliage in Italy, Europe or even worldwide. In many places, the bright autumn colors of the trees are becoming well known attractions for tourists. This article from shows you a few examples of foliage show in Italy.
The author of the article mention Mount Etna, but does not indicate which areas are more suitable to spot astonishing red and yellow trees. This is something Etnatracking can do for him!

There are two main kind of trees on Mount Etna that show their best colors on Autumn:
  • Beeches
  • Birches (aetnensis, endemic)
Beeches can be found on many Mount Etna trails, we point out the following paths:
This wonderful trees has some red tones even in winter, but in Autumn their leaves become bright red, you can check the colors looking at this pictures
Birches Birches can be found mainly on the Sartorius Mounts area, in Autumn they become bright yellow as you can see in our gallery
Besides, evergreen pines populates many Mount Etna areas to complete an incredible color mix! You only have now to start exploring autumns colors on our volcano!
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